Market Insights

“Personal and premium” — that’s the new mantra in India’s beauty and personal care industry, which is expected to reach US$14 billion by 2024. Affordable data and widespread mobile access have brought millions of Indian consumers online from all corners of the country, and online sales contribution from the beauty category is expected to reach 10% by 2024 – up from 4% in 2019

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White Spaces

“White spaces” in Cosmetics and Skin Care are now more and more in focus due to the plethora of products offered in the market today without really bringing anything unique to consumers. Rather just duplications of offerings happening. It has also led to unmet consumer needs, lack of innovative products and creativity in the market. Before the market saturates we better start looking to find and fill these white spaces more..

Consumer Insights

Consumer behavior in the skincare and makeup industry in India is influenced by a variety of factors, including cultural preferences, socio-economic status, urbanization, exposure to global beauty trends and more ..


Market winning products and consumer’s attention are any company’s revenue stars and it can be achieved by acquiring a differentiator’s role more..